New EIA Legislation

South Africa’s new Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) regulations came into effect on 02 August 2010, signalling the start of the  official implementation process of a new regime aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of EIA. To read more about the changes, click here.

To access the new regulations visit:

Part 1 - (pages 1-50)

or to download click hear (3Mb)

Part 2 - (pages 50-100)

or to download click hear (2Mb)

Part 3 (pages 100-150)

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Part 4 (pages 150-200)

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Planning & development policies

This section of the website will include Web links or copies of the various policies and documents that need to be taken into account when planning development in the area.

It will also be used to promote participation and involvement in development and planning policy formulation for the area. This will include submissions made by KlipSA.

Gauteng Policies


To access copies of the documents click here, a copy of the poster click here and the proclamation notice click here

Establishment of Johannesburg South special control zone

"The Johannesburg South special control zone (Klipriviersberg Economic and Ecosystem Development Zone project area) is special in the sense that it combines several environmental and development features that can form a valuable conservation, recreation and local agricultural and related employment opportunities. It includes the SOJO and KlipSA initiatives. In addition to the normal EMZ guidelines that will apply to the various zones in this area (Figure B19:Johannesburg South SCZ 26) decisions should also be taken with due regard of the current initiatives in the area, including an emphasis on hospitality, tourism and recreation associated development as the nature and basis of economic activates in the area is the integration of agricultural, tourism and recreation value chains." (GPEMF, 2015, page 25)


Gauteng 2055 Vision - click here to access various documents


Gauteng 25 Year Integrated Transport Master Plan (ITMP25) - click here for a copy

Submission made by KlipSA with iProp and SOJO regarding ITMP25 - click here

Gauteng 5 Year Transport Implementation Plan (GITP5) (Oct 2012 - Final) - click here for a copy


Extract from the GDARD C Plan for the area of the Conservancy - click here

This extract shows the areas considered by GDARD as being Important & Irreplaceable" in pink an the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve as "Reserved".

GDACE Development Guidelines for Ridges (19 April 2001) - click here (1.5Mb)

This document sets out the criteria for delineating the ridges and the development policies for the different classes of ridges.

Gauteng Biodiversity Stewardship Programme: Draft Operations Manual (November 2009) - click here (1.74Mb)

This programme presents exciting opportunities for establishing partnerships between developers and the State for development which acknowledges areas of high biodiversity value and for which developers receive fiscal and non-fiscal support in the form of tax refunds and technical assistance.

Site Assessment form

GDACE Requirements for Biodiversity Assessments, Version 2 (February 2009) - click here (0.4Mb)

This document sets out the format and requirements for the content and mapping of biodiversity assessments. In addition, the minimum reqirements for ecological management plans and recommended standards for mitigatory measures are described.

Johannesburg Policies

Joburg Draft IDP Review 2015/16

KlipSA made a submission on the Draft Joburg IDP 2015/16.

For a copy of the submission, click here

Joburg Draft IDP Review 2014/16

KlipSA made a submission on the Draft Joburg IDP 2014/16..

For a copy of the submission, click here.

Joburg SITP 2013

KlipSA made a submission on the Draft Joburg Strategic Integrated Transport Plan Framework 2013

For a copy of the submission, click here

Joburg Draft IDP Review 2013/16

KlipSA made a submission on the Draft Joburg IDP 2013/16..

For a copy of the submission, click here.

Joburg Draft IDP Review 2012/16

KlipSA made a submission on the Draft Joburg IDP 2012/16.For a copy of the Draft IDP click here.

For a copy of the submission, click here.

Joburg 2040 GDS

A submission on the Joburg 2040 GDS ( Growth and Development Strategy) was made following extensive participation in the public participation process. The submission was well-received and referenced in the final document.

For a copy of the submission click here

A copy of the Joburg 2040 GDS can be obtained from the Joburg Council or downloaded from here

Joburg SDF Submission

The Conservancy made a submission regarding the 2010 review of the Joburg Spatial Development Framework (SDF) and
Regional Spatial Develpment Framework (RSDF).

For a copy of the submission click here

Spatial Development Framework & Regionl Spatial Development Framework

SDF & RSDF documents for various years - click here for Joburg website

KlipCon submissions to the SDF/RSDF review:

Klipriviersberg Urban Development Framework (2007) - click here (3.36Mb)

The UDF was prepared to provuide a framework for guiding development in the south of Johannesburg. With the establioshment of the Conservancy and the appreciation and need of strong policy guidelines, the review of the UDF is required.

Klipriviersberg Policy Framework - Southern Metropolitan Local Council (9 November 2000) - click here (2.6Mb)

This policy framework was prepared to provide the public, developers and Council with a set of policies for the sustainable use of the Klipriviersberg.

Other Policies and Guidelines

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) for South Africa: Framework and guidelines (WRC) 2014

Published by the Water Research Commission - "providing strategic guidance to urban water management decision-makers (primarily city managers and other local authority officials) on the use of WSUD in a South African context" - can be downloaded here

Sustainable Development Criteria for Built Environment Projects requiring Environmental Impact. Assessments in South Africa (CSIR), 2009 - Jeremy Gibberd

A very useful guideling of requirements for sustainable development published in Human Settlements Review, Volume 1, Number 1, 2010 - click here.

Ekurhuleni Policies

Midvaal Policies

Documents for Comment

Gauteng 2055: A discussion document on the long-term development plan for the Gauteng City-Region

A document has been made available for discussion. Click here to access a copy (NB 3.44Mb in size)

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