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Friday 6 February 2015 -invitation

The power outlook in South Africa and what you can do about it - Chris Yelland, MD EE Publishers

tameTimes article

Comaro Chronicle article

Friday 6 March 2015 - invitation

Water – the Invisible Elephant in the Room - Dr Anthony Turton

Publications and papers referred to:

Debunking Persistent Myths about AMD in a Quest for a Sustainable Solution

When Gold Mining Ends - an Environmental Catastrophe for Johannesburg?

Untying the Gordian Knot: Unintended Consequences of Environmental and Water Policy for the Gold Mining Industry in South Africa

Friday 10 April 2015 - invitation

Recycling of post-consumer waste in SA, prospects for growth - Dr Suzan Oelofse – CSIR

Presentation and Recommended info on waste recycling resources

Friday 8 May 2015

Sharing environmental best practise to improve profitability - Andrew Barker - Andrew Barker Development Consultant


Friday 5 June 2015 - invitation

Resource efficiency in Tourism which includes Energy, Water, Waste and Local Sourcing - Niki Glen & Caroline Ungersbock - STPP


Friday 3 July 2015 - invitation

The Circular Economy and turning waste into worth - Stacey Davidson -  REDISA


Friday 7 August 2015 - invitation

UJ Energy Movement: Exciting Business and Industry Opportunities - Nickey Janse van Rensberg & Warren Hurter - UJ


Friday 4 September 2015 -invitation

Organic refuse recycling and food gardens in business environments - Gina Shoemaker

Presentations: Grean Earth IntroEarthworm Farm

Friday 2 October 2015 -invitation

Heights of resilience - Marlette Hegyi (aka Mountain Molly)


Friday 6 November 2015 -invitation

The FAB Quotient™: Your Tool Kit for Fighting Fatigue and Staying Resilient in Business - Celynn Erasmus

FAB Quotent: Presentation andResources

Friday 4 December 2015 -invitation

NB Change in venue to Torino’s Restaurant, Aspen

Energy Audit: Finding Opportunities for Energy Savings - Clement Makhaloa - Edgeline Engineering (Pty) Ltd



07 February 2014 - invitation

Cotlands green evolution & donor opportunities

Report back

07 March 2014 - invitation
The development of green buildings and greening existing buildings in South Africa - Chilu Lombe of Solid Green

04 April 2014 - talk postponed

09 May 2014 - invitation

e-Waste management and recycling, an urban mining partnership for electronic waste - Lene Ecroignard of eWASA


e-Waste collectiion sites

06 June 2014 - invitation

What to expect when you are greening an event? - Justin Hawes, Chairman of the Event Greening Forum


04 July 2014 - invitation

Responsible Business Operations and Procurement - Lorraine Jenks, Greenstuff & Hotelstuff

01 August 2014 - invitation

Jozie @ Work – Keep our planet clean - Rochelle Ludick of Pikitup


05 September 2014 - invitation

Human energy management - Marita Williams of EOH Health

03 October 2014 - invitation

Postponed to date to be advised

Journey to Responsible Tourism and How to Partake in the Resource Efficiency Pilot Program - Caroline Ungersbock of STPP

07 November 2014 - invitation

Advancing Business Objectives Through Meaningful Social Investment Strategy- Karen Krakowitzer Development Consulting


05 December 2014 - invitation

UPDATE: Project to support small business to implement energy efficiency - Peter Mukoma NBI PSEE Project



05 February 2013 - Invitation

Corporate Wellness for improved productivity through human energy sustainability - Marita Williams of EOH Health


05 March 2013 - Invitation

The need for water conservation in buiness - Meagan Donnelly of Water Wise at Rand Water


Findings from the 2012 Sustainability and Innovation Global Executive Study and Research Report

02 April 2013 - posponed

Kevin Cilliers from the NCPC-SA will present how Resource Efficient & Cleaner Production can save you money and where to find help for implementation funding.

07 May 2013 - invitation

Deon Viljoen from the Southern Sun Resorts Division speaks on “Green is the new greenbacks, environmental best practice has a real return”


10 Costly Mistakes of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting

04 June 2013 - invitation

Kevin Cilliers from the NCPC-SA will present how Resource Efficient & Cleaner Production can save you money and where to find help for implementation funding.


02 July 2013 - invitation

Carl Bates, Chief Executive of Sirdar South Africa Group, will explain how to address your business growth challenges and achieve extreme business success through astute application of the principles of governance and entrepreneurship

06 August 2013 - invitation

Maryna Möhr-Swart and Seakle Godschalk, of ESS are international experts and training providers in sustainability accounting. They will be speaking on sustainability and integrated reporting: the business case for why you must do it.


3 September 2013 -invitation

Malcolm Vermeulen of Thaba Ya Batswana will talk and show how Thaba Ya Batswana is making a practical contribution to the local biodiversity value.


Johannesburg Waste Management By Laws wef 30 July 2013

01 October 2013 -invitation

Carel Snyman Senior Manager: Green Transport at South African National Energy Development Institute will talk on Smart Mobility: New mobility options and supporting infrastructure


05 November 2013 -invitation

Alan de Haas Regional Manager Mpact Recycling will discuss howRecycling makes a difference in business


NBS SA: The Value of Vision - Sustainability Challenges for SA Businesses in 2013

03 December 2013 -invitation

Peter Mukoma Head of the Private Sector Energy Efficiency Project at National Business Initiative on exciting internationally funded project to help businesses in South Africa reduce energy costs. An opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.



Tuesday  06 March 2012invitation
Green Business Forum: Sharing Environmental Best Practice to Improve Business Profitability

Reportback and presentation by Andrew Barker

Tuesday 03 April 2012invitation

Global warming and business impacts & responses

Reportback and presentations: Dave Collins and Gamelihle Sibanda

Tuesday 08 May 2012 - invitation

Energy management opportunities for businesses

Presentations: Andrew Etzinger and Gordon Ayres

Tuesday 05 June 2012 - invitation

Retro fitting buildings: Energy Efficiency

Report and presentation: Alastair Armstrong

World Environment Day Summary

Tuesday 03 July 2012 - invitation

Recycling opportunities & benefits in business

Presentation by Douw Steyn

Tuesday 07 August 2012invitation

Human wellness in business for better productivity - Postponed, new date to be advised

Tuesday 04 September 2012 - invtation

Waste management initiatives for responsible business

Presentation by Zingisa Smale

Tuesday 02 October 2012 - invitation

Legal perspective of sustainability

Tuesday 06 November 2012 - invitation

Greening your business

Presentation by Gina Shoemaker

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