Funds and Funding

The Klipriviersberg Conservancy does not raise funds through membership fees and requests sponsors and donors to make contributions.

Funds are required for the Conservancy to undertake its projects and cover costs for general operations and administration. The members of the Executive Committee are all volunteers and no salaries or wages are paid.

Should you wish to sponsor a project or to make a donation your contribution will be acknowledged and where possible you will be given an opportunity to be included in promotional material.

If you would like to setup a monthly donation through a stop order, please contact the Treasurer

Any contributions are most gratefully received.

The bank account details are as follows:

Klipriviersberg Conservancy (Account: 086608584)

Standard Bank The Glen (Code: 00 60 05)

Please advise the Treasurer if you make a donation so we can recognize and acknowledge your contribution.

Please note that the Conservancy is to be registered as a Public Benefit Organisation and Non- Profit Organisation as soon as possible to enable sponsors and donors to receive tax advantages. As this will take some time to achieve it is suggested that any donors and sponsors who wish to assist should do so by means of a loan to the Conservancy which would later be converted to a donation for tax purposes once the registrations have been achieved.

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