Development Integration Team

Development Integration Team: Draft Terms of Reference

Following the public meeting held in September 2010, a Development Integration Team (DIT) has been established as a sub-committee of the Klipriviersberg Conservancy. To guide and focus the DIT a Terms of Reference has been drafted and is now available for you to look at and provide any comments or suggestions you may have.

To view the Draft Terms of Reference document click here.

To send us your comments please click here.

Development Application Schedule

The Development Integration Team monitors and participates in a number of development processes and applications. These are indicated on the Development Application Schedule which can be viewed by clicking here.

If you become aware of any development applications or environmental impact processes please advise the DIT of the details and any views you may have by clicking here.

To view the current Development Application Schedule please click here.

Development applications

This section of the website will include details of the various planning and environmental applications and development processes that are currently being considered within the area of the Conservancy. It will be used to increase the awareness of some of the development initiatives and to encourage participation in development processes.

It should be noted that the Conservancy recognises that development has to take place to address social and economic needs. However, in view of the context of the Conservancy area and the valuable natural assets, biodiversity and environmental qualities, the Conservancy will work towards supporting projects which have undergone thorough environmental research and careful planning to result in appropriate development which will protect, promote and enhance the value of the natural assets.

The Conservancy will monitor and participate in major development environmental and town planning applications and processes with a view to creating an awareness of the environmental value of the area. This will be done through the a subcommittee called the Development Integration Team (DIT).

Members of the Conservancy who wish to participate in this subcommittee or comment on any projects and applications should contact the Chairman.

The projects and applications which are currently being monitored by the DIT can be viewed by downloading a document which shows the status of the project and details of the of the applicants and consultants.

To view the Development Application Schedule please click here.

Recent activites

Meyersdal Koppie

Minutes of a public meetig\ng held on Sunday 23rd May to discuss the proposed upgrade of the facilites and the development of a Heritage Park - Click here

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